Black History Month: A Look Back at Learning and the Journey Forward

Black History Month has come to an end for 2021, and it is with great humility that I reflect on what I’ve learned, and what I can do going forward to share the lives and achievements of Black British Columbians

Black History Month: Reflections on the Past and Supporting the Future

Welcome to week two of Black History Month, highlighting some of the contemporary organizations doing the work to support Black excellence in British Columbia

Celebrating Black History Month in British Columbia

February 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time to celebrate the history and vibrant communities of Black British Columbians.

Because of Her: Seeking Inspiration for Gender Equality Week

Gender Equality Week is an opportunity to share the contributions of women and gender diverse communities, and celebrate their achievements, accomplishments and work in advancing gender equality.

Words Matter, Actions Matter Even More

Nurjehan Mawani, former Chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and Commissioner of the Federal Public Service Commission, shares a guest blog on her experiences as an immigrant to Canada, and what effective action against racism looks like.

The Commemorate 50 Timeline: The Champions

The Champions are the last category of the Commemorate 50 Timeline. They’ve picked up where the Trailblazers left off, carrying the fight for equal rights and representation into the next generation of LGBTQ2S+ people in Canada.

The Commemorate 50 Timeline: Civil Rights

Civil rights are the foundation of our individual freedom. They entitle us to basic rights, safety, dignity and respect, that allow us to participate in society without discrimination or repression. The Civil Rights category of the Commemorate 50 Timeline represents this long journey, that still hasn’t come to an end for many.

The Commemorate 50 Timeline: Gender Identity

The third category of the Commemorate 50 Timeline is devoted to moments in Canada’s history related to gender identity.

The Commemorate 50 Timeline: Arts & Culture

The second category of the Commemorate 50 Timeline is devoted to a selection of LGBTQ2S+ pioneers in the arts, who stayed true to their creative selves when it felt impossible for many to do so, along with cultural moments that gave further space for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community to find their voice and place within Canadian society.

The Commemorate 50 Timeline: Trailblazers

The first category of the Commemorate 50 Timeline is devoted to a selection of trailblazers whose work laid the groundwork for equal rights for LGBTQ2S+ people in Canada.

The Commemorate 50 Timeline: Celebrating the Accomplishments and Contributions of LGBTQ2S+ People in Canada

Introducing the C50 Timeline, recognizing the work, sacrifices and resiliency of both LGBTQ2S+ trailblazers and current advocates.

#DifferentTogether: Join Me in Opposing Racism

Racism has no place in British Columbia. I ask you to join me, alongside leaders in government, business and social services, in pledging to uphold the Canadian values of diversity and inclusion and to oppose racism and hate in all its forms.

Champions for Equality: Genesa Greening and Deb Bryant

Genesa Greening is advocating for women’s equitable access to quality healthcare, while Deb Bryant is supporting the province’s most vulnerable. Meet today’s Champions for Equality.

Champions for Equality: Denise Williams and Tracy Porteous

Denise Williams is bringing Indigenous innovation to the forefront of technology, while Tracy Porteous is building support and awareness for survivors of gender-based violence. Meet today’s Champions for Equality…

Champions for Equality: Tamara Pongracz and Tina Strehlke

Tamara Pongracz is opening doors to new types of careers for women, while Tina Strehlke is empowering female leadership. Meet today’s Champions for Equality…

Champions for Equality: Kasari Govender and Zoe Craig-Sparrow

Kasari Govender is fighting for human rights, and Zoe Craig-Sparrow is championing education and the resiliancy of women and girls. Meet today’s Champions for Equality…

Champions for Equality: Cybele Negris and Savanah Norman

Cybele Negris heads a successful tech company and Savanah Norman is working to protect and support vulnerable women and girls. Meet today’s Champions for Equality…

Champions for Equality: Angela Sterritt and Jill Tipping

Angela Sterritt is breaking ground as an Indigenous reporter with CBC, and Jill Tipping is developing technology for the benefit of British Columbians. Meet today’s Champions for Equality…

Champions for Equality: Inspiring BC Leaders Making a Difference

I’m excited to announce the launch of Champions for Equality, in partnership with Parliamentary Secretary Mitzi Dean and the BC Gender Equity Office. We’ll share profiles over the coming weeks of women in British Columbia whose work actively combats biases, broadens perceptions, and celebrates women’s achievements…

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and the launch of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Learn more about education resources and ways to support women and individuals affected by gender-based violence.

Is it Time to Wave the Flag? On Conversations, Collaborations and Sharing History

Reflections on Commemorate 50 so far, including a vast history still to be learned, the power of conversation and a special thanks to the panelists of “Is it Time to Wave the Flag”, the Office of the LG’s collaboration with UBC

The C50 Film Club

In support of Commemorate 50, check out a selection of moving documentaries about the histories of the LGBTQ2S+ communities in Canada

Coming Together to Commemorate 50

We’re excited to be working with members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community to create a visual timeline focused on significant dates, events and figures of the past 50 years as part of our Commemorate 50 project

Celebrating 50: Marking a Milestone in the Road to 2SLGBTQ+ Equality

I’m pleased to announce the Celebrating 50 project, an initiative highlighting the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada, a historic milestone in the journey to equal rights for 2SLGBTQ+ Canadians

On Democracy, Reconciliation, Diversity and Inclusion: Introducing My Three Key Themes

Every Lieutenant Governor outlines themes to guide their term in office. Learn more about the Honourable Janet Austin’s three key themes