Event Planning

The Lieutenant Governor is invited to and attends hundreds of events each year. Her Honour travels extensively throughout British Columbia to celebrate, inspire and connect the people of the province. She also hosts events at Government House in Victoria, the ceremonial home of all British Columbians.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Her Honour has been delighted to participate in a series of virtual events and ceremonies. We remain committed to following the advice and recommendations of the Provincial Health Officer and are unable to accept invitations for in-person events at this time. We welcome you to invite the Lieutenant Governor to participate in your virtual event by completing an invitation form.

If you are interested in holding an event at Government House, please note the following: as of summer 2020, Government House will begin the process of significant internal refurbishments, including security, fire suppression, and HVAC upgrades. Due to the impact of these renovations on event spaces throughout the House, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor is unable to accept requests for the Lieutenant Governor to host events at the House. Events may also be affected by whatever guidelines are in place regarding COVID-19. Her Honour will continue to consider invitations for events held elsewhere, including virtual events.

At this time, it is anticipated that renovations will be complete by autumn 2021. However, as this timeline may change, the Office will be unable to provide confirmation for event bookings until further notice.

Please note the grounds of Government House will remain open to the public, though parking in close proximity to the House may be affected.

Please direct any questions to ghinfo@gov.bc.ca.

If you would like to request a message from the Lieutenant Governor, please complete a message request form. Please note requests for messages must be sent separate from invitations.