Honorary Aides-de-Camp

Honorary Aides-de-Camp are military or civil officers in uniform, acting on a volunteer basis, who mark the official status of The Queen’s representative and accompany the Lieutenant Governor to all official engagements.

For more information, visit the Protocol page, Honorary Aides-de-Camp section.

HADC Biographies

Chief Honorary Aide-de-Camp

Mr. Herman Ho, KStJ, MB, AdeC

  • Representing: St. John Ambulance

Deputy Chief Conservation Officer (Ret’d) Bill Bresser, AdeC

  • Representing: Conservation Officer Service

Lieutenant-Commander Simon Brown, AdeC

  • Representing: Royal Canadian Navy

Inspector Jason Burrows, AdeC

  • Representing: Abbotsford Police Department

Staff Sergeant Major Robert Daly, MOM, AdeC

  • Representing: RCMP

Deputy Warden Patrick Doherty, AdeC

  • Representing: BC Corrections Centre

Chief Constable Neil Dubord, OOM, PhD, CPHR, AdeC 

  • Representing: Delta Police Department

Guard Commander Michael Erwin, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: Royal Canadian Navy

Superintendent (Ret’d) Brendan Fitzpatrick, MOM, AdeC

  • Representing: RCMP

Superintendent Glen Greenhill, SBStJ, AdeC

  • Representing: British Columbia Emergency Health Services

Inspector Grant Hamilton, AdeC

  • Representing: Victoria Police Department

Ms. Christina Hong, SSStJ, AdeC

  • Representing: St. John Ambulance

Inspector Terry Kopan, OMM, MOM, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: RCMP

Captain Evelyne B. Lacey, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: Army & Cadets

Major Rick M Lewis, OMM, OStJ, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: Army

Staff Sergeant Major Josh Lockwood, CVE, AdeC

  • Representing: Conservation Officer Service

Assistant Deputy Warden Adam Lundgren, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: Okanagan Correctional Centre

Lieutenant-Colonel Heather McClelland, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: Army-11 (Victoria)/12 (Vancouver) Field Ambulance

Major Adam McLeod, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: Army

Staff Sergeant Major Kathy Rochlitz, AdeC, MA

  • Representing: RCMP

Inspector (Ret’d) Robert (Bob) Usui, SBStJ, AdeC

  • Representing: U.S. Secret Service/U.S. Consulate Vancouver & retired member of the Vancouver Police Department

Mr. David Valentine, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: St. John Ambulance

Major Amadeo (Ammo) Vecchio , CD, AdeC

  • Representing: The Rocky Mountain Rangers

Commander (Ret’d) King Wan, AdeC

  • Representing: Royal Canadian Navy

Inspector Robert Warren, AdeC

  • Representing: Saanich Police Department

Major Nick Watts, CD, AdeC

  • Representing: 15 Field Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment