The British Columbia Reconciliation Award

The British Columbia Reconciliation Award recognizes individuals, groups and organizations who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, integrity, respect and commitment to furthering reconciliation or inspired others to continue reconciliation efforts.

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The Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Inclusion, Democracy and Reconciliation

The Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal has long been a symbol of academic excellence: established in 1979, the award was previously exclusive to students in vocational and career programs of less than two years and focused on academic excellence and community service.

In 2019, eligibility for the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal has been expanded to recognize post-secondary students with outstanding contributions in support of inclusion, democracy or reconciliation, on or off campus, and now includes students in diploma and degree programs.

One of the roles of the Lieutenant Governor is to profile excellence and promote the history, culture and achievements of all British Columbians. One way is to recognize the accomplishments of British Columbians is through award programs that carry the name of the Lieutenant Governor, that reflect the themes and priorities she will promote throughout her mandate.

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Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence

Established in 2003 by the Honourable Iona Campagnolo to recognize British Columbia writers who have contributed to the development of literary excellence in the province. This award was reinstated for 2020 by the Honourable Janet Austin.

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Stewards of the Future

Stewards of the Future supports and encourages emerging leaders to connect with their environments and explore their own communities to discover and document unique attributes, identify and research key issues of concern, and investigate stewardship initiatives. Funding is available for youth to go on field trips, visit local sites of interest and engage in stewardship projects in their communities.

Stewards of the Future was initiated by the Honourable Judith Guichon, 29th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, and stemmed from Her Honour’s long-standing connection to the land and the importance of biodiversity. This legacy program continues to be supported by the Honourable Janet Austin, with generous support from the Government House Foundation.

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