To contact Government House security after hours, call: 250-387-2079

Thank you for contacting the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Please note the following information before sending your correspondence:

In line with the principles of responsible government, the Lieutenant Governor is unable to comment on, or intervene in, any matters relating to government policies and services. Requests for the Lieutenant Governor to do so will be considered as informational and may not receive a reply. Questions or comments about government policies or services should be directed to the appropriate minister of the Government of British Columbia.

Please note the term “Lieutenant Governor in Council” appears in many government documents, such as acts of legislation. Legally, it refers to the Lieutenant Governor acting on and with the advice of the Executive Council or Cabinet. When the Cabinet makes a decision and it has been approved by the Lieutenant Governor, it is said to have been made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

People wanting the “Lieutenant Governor in Council” to act upon their behalf should instead refer their request to the appropriate Government of British Columbia ministry.

For correspondence related to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia:

  • To invite the Lieutenant Governor to attend your event or to request to host your event at Government House, please complete an invitation form.
  • If you would like to request a message from the Lieutenant Governor, please complete a message request form. Please note requests for messages must be sent separate from invitations.
  • For requests and enquiries from media or publications, please visit Media Enquiries.
  • For requests or questions related to patronage, please visit Honorary Patronage.

For questions about the grounds and correspondence related to Government House or the Lieutenant Governor:

Phone: 250-387-2080
Email[email protected]
Fax: 250-387-2078

The salutation is “Your Honour”.

The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC
Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
Government House
1401 Rockland Avenue
Victoria BC V8S IV9

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