Community Cohesion Gets Creative: Ideas on How to Be Together While Staying Apart

The solidarity shown by our neighbours near and far during COVID-19 has been inspiring. This incredible outpouring is key in keeping our communities safe, healthy and kind. And although British Columbians are doing the hard work to stay socially and physically distanced, against all odds, we’re becoming closer than ever before. I’m delighted to share how communities in our province are building connections and how you too can take part:

  • By now many of you have heard the celebration every evening at 7:00 p.m. Join your neighbours in thanking our healthcare workers by cheering anyway you can. Clanging pots and pans, banging drums, blowing horns—it’s a ruckus for a good cause!
  • Little Libraries are usually a fun way to share new and used books. Now shelves are being repurposed to help in a different way, transforming into tiny neighbourhood pantries. Add some food (make sure to disinfect beforehand!) or take what you need—it’s there to help.
  • Stores are offering special shopping hours for those most vulnerable. Seniors, people with disabilities, or first responders such as police, healthcare workers and firefighters, can shop exclusively during stores’ opening hours. This means less chance of infection for those with compromised health and those who look after our communities.
  • Birthdays can be bittersweet during social isolation, but potential party-goers are finding other ways to celebrate. Drive-by Birthdays are a safe and socially distanced way to share well wishes, and who doesn’t love a parade in their honour?
  • Feeling trapped inside? A Social DisDance party might be the cure! Set up at the end of the driveway, on the balcony or even in your living room window, and shake it out with the neighbours.

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