One of British Columbia’s greatest opportunities is reconciliation with Indigenous communities.

As His Majesty’s direct representative in British Columbia, the Honourable Janet Austin is deeply committed to strengthening the ever-evolving relationship between the Crown and Indigenous peoples. This includes honouring Indigenous traditions and heritage and promoting the vibrant and diverse cultures of the First Nations communities of British Columbia to the rest of Canada and the world.

The Lieutenant Governor supports a dialogue of reconciliation and respect, and participates in events and promotion of public awareness of this ongoing journey.

Her Honour believes that reconciliation is about honest reflection and restitution. It’s about moving forward in friendship and forging meaningful relationships. It’s about the recognition of past injustices, working to heal those wounds, and ultimately ensuring a brighter future for all British Columbians.

In recent years, our province has begun the reconciliation process in earnest. Important work is now underway to ensure First Nations communities are full participants in decision-making that affects their rights and lands.

It is also encouraging to see new economic partnerships with First Nations communities and efforts being made by our provincial government to close gaps in Indigenous health, education, skills training, and employment.

The road to reconciliation will be a long one, but it is full of promise. Her Honour is dedicated to travelling to First Nations communities throughout British Columbia, speaking with Indigenous leaders, and being a strong voice championing reconciliation during her tenure at Government House.