A Special Day at Rudi’s Tea Room

On July 7, Rudi’s Tea Room will celebrate in honour of the birthday of its namesake, Rudi Hoenson. Rudi lived a long life as a great philanthropist, and it was thanks to his generous donations that the Tea Room was able to expand to its current capacity.

Rudi’s support and love for Government House and its grounds will be recognized on July 7, 2022, with all proceeds from the day’s dessert sales going toward to the Lodge at Broadmead. The Lodge supports veterans, and held a special place in Rudi’s heart– he himself was a WWII veteran who witnessed the atomic bombing of Nagasaki firsthand.

So come by the Tea Room this Thursday, and pick up a light lunch, borrow a picnic set (for free!) or grab a delicious scone and cuppa, and enjoy in honour of our beloved Rudi.

Find the hours and menu for the Tea Room here, and learn more about Rudi’s legacy here.