Down Dog at Home: Fitness for the Living Room or Backyard

I try to keep an active lifestyle, and, like many of you, my routine has been disrupted due to COVID-19. While social and physical distancing are crucial practices to help flatten the curve, you may be missing spin classes, running groups or free weights at the gym.

If you’re confined to fitness at home, whether that be in your backyard or living room, there are many options available online, from yoga to high intensity workouts and even tips on how to modify your chores to double as a fitness routine.

  • Join a live fitness class with the YWCA Metro Vancouver, covering everything from pilates to Zumba.
  • Do you need a slow Yin-influenced stretch, a strengthening Hatha session or to challenge your flexibility in a Vinyasa class? Do Yoga With Me has hundreds of free videos for you to practice your favourite poses.
  • Looking for something new? Browse more than 600 workouts on Fitness Blender for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.
  • For those needing a high intensity work out, drop in on a daily 30-minute HIIT class with FITSQR.
  • If you’ve got a full house, enlist a buddy in a partner work out from Shape.
  • No time for fitness videos? Try these tips from The Healthy to enhance your cleaning routine with exercise!
  • If you’re on the go, download an app to track your steps, active minutes or run distance and route.
  • Engage the kids in working out the wiggles with Cosmic Kids and their quick and easy themed yoga classes.

MacDuff also reminds all dogs to get outside for exercise by walking and running in the park– but save the sniffs for another time and be mindful of physical distancing!

By taking care of ourselves through physical exercise we can stay healthy and strong with new routines that can continue past COVID.

How are you staying fit during self isolation? Share your favourite form of housebound exercise with me on my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.