A Message from the Lieutenant Governor

Dear friends,

As we all pull together to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to express my appreciation to all of you and share some thoughts on how we might work together to remain positive and healthy in the time ahead.

I feel very proud of the way in which British Columbians are rising to the challenge of COVID-19, with many examples of generosity and compassion emerging around the Province.  I am inspired by the selfless work of our front-line care-workers, and the competence and clear communication of our public health leaders.  I am grateful for the cross-partisan teamwork demonstrated by our political leadership and their prompt response to rapidly shifting economic, health and social challenges.  I am deeply moved by the humanity of those who house and care for our most vulnerable citizens, who may be dealing with mental health and addiction challenges.  And I am thankful to all of you for the support you provide to your families, friends and community members, as well as for your diligence in adhering to public health directives.  

In this rapidly changing environment, worries about health, well-being, economic security and basic needs are top of mind. With social distancing and quarantine measures now in place, isolation is a growing concern.  I would like to lend my support to British Columbians by promoting creative new methods of connection— social, cultural, educational— that engage us as a community and keep people hopeful, thoughtful and positive.   

I’m pleased to tell you that my Office is launching a digital campaign that will focus on four themes to encourage social cohesion and mutual support:

  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing;
  • Feeding the Soul through Arts and Culture;
  • Supporting Children and Families; and
  • Helping Those in Need.

Friends, we will get through this together, with some new perspectives and with renewed societal values of compassion, generosity and mutual trust and responsibility. I hope you will share your thoughts and ideas as we move forward with this project.

Thank you all for being conscious of our duty, not solely as individual actors focused on our own concerns, but as citizens who share responsibility for each other, for our communities, our province and our country.  

I am thinking of you all with much love and with appreciation for all that you do to care for each other,


Janet Austin
Lieutenant of Governor of British Columbia