The Lieutenant Governor’s BC Journalism Fellowship

Applications are now open for the Lieutenant Governor’s BC Journalism Fellowship!

In the spirit of supporting a healthy democracy with a thriving journalistic community, the fellowship, created in partnership with the Jack Webster Foundation, encourages the development and support of local journalists in British Columbia.

It is often the dream of many journalists to have the time and other resources to produce in-depth coverage of important issues. However, budget cutbacks have become a reality for most newsrooms and deep-dive journalism requires significant resources. The fellowship will provide funding to journalists so they can invest the time and other resources in producing excellent in-depth coverage of important topics. The objective is to encourage and enable journalists to go above and beyond their typical level of coverage so that many of the crucial challenges we face today are no longer under-reported and receive deep, complex storytelling to better inform the citizens of British Columbia.

Each year, beginning in 2022, for three years, journalists from various stages of their careers (emerging or experienced) will receive a monetary award to spend up to 4 months to research, produce and publish/broadcast their project supported by a committed publishing/broadcast partner.

Applications open today and close at midnight on February 28, 2022. Learn more about the fellowship, guidelines for application, how to apply, and other important information.