Request a Message

Throughout British Columbia, many community and non-profit organizations are celebrating significant milestones, hosting conferences and fundraising events, organizing cultural and sporting events, and honouring groups for exceptional public service. The Lieutenant Governor can acknowledge these events and occasions by providing written messages of support, welcome and congratulations.

Message requests must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to the date the message is required. Due to the volume of requests, organizations receive a maximum of two messages per calendar year. Messages are not granted for commercial endeavours.

To request a message, send a formal letter to the Lieutenant Governor that includes the date and location of the event and relevant background information on the event and organization. The letter should be addressed to:

Her Honour the Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC and/or His Honour Bruno Mailloux
Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
Government House
1401 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, B.C. V8S IV9

The salutation is "Your Honour".

The letter can also be sent as an attachment to

Birthday or anniversary greetings from the Lieutenant Governor, the Governor General and The Queen are coordinated through the Government of British Columbia's Protocol and Events Branch. You can find out more information and arrange for these messages online at: