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1. Entrants must warrant that they own or control all rights in and to the entry, have the authority to assign the Government House Foundation the rights requested, can submit the entry on the terms set out in the Competition Criteria and that the entry submitted, including the performance of it, is free and clear of any obligations under an agreement with a music publisher or record label, a collective agreement, or a licence or assignment to any other party.

If such an agreement, licence or assignment exists limiting the entrant's ability to comply with this provision, the entrant must provide a written waiver from the other parties to it, as part of their entry, permitting the song to be made free and clear of any obligations under that agreement, licence or assignment, on a basis consistent with the Competition Criteria.

2. All material included in the entry, including the master recording of the song, may be broadcast by the Government House Foundation and, with the Government House Foundation's permission, to anyone whole or in part on any media, but not for commercial purposes.

3. The Government House Foundation shall have the right to use song entries or portions of song entries entered during the Competition, for promotional purposes, without compensation to the Entrant(s).

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Government House reserves the right to not post any material that is deemed inappropriate or not in keeping with the spirit of the competition

Thank you for entering the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia’s Sing Me A Song contest.

Winners will be announced in late April 2017.